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Two New “Engage” Articles on Criminal Law & Procedure


by Paul Zimmerman
Posted November 28, 2011, 4:02 PM

Today the Criminal Law & Procedure Practice Group released two new articles from the next issue of FedSoc's journal "Engage."

In the first article, "A Comprehensive Strategy Targeting Recidivist Criminals with Continuous Real-Time GPS Monitoring: Is Reverse Engineering Crime Control Possible?," Peter M. Thomson examines whether a comprehensive crime control strategy using advances in GPS technology might reduce the recidivist criminal's ability to relapse into prior criminal conduct, and he discusses the constitutional and public policy issues surrounding such a strategy.  The article is especially timely considering the Supreme Court's recent hearing of United States v. Jones, in which the Court is asked to decide whether police may place a GPS tracking device on a person's vehicle to monitor its movements on public streets without a warrant under the Fourth Amendment.

In the second article, "Honest Services Fraud After Skilling v. United States," Steven Wisotsky discusses judicial responses to federal prosecutors' use of the mail fraud statute to crack down on so-called "honest services" fraud following the Supreme Court's recent ruling that the "honest services" component of the statute only extends to bribery and kickback schemes.




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