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Senator Graham’s Vote for Kagan and Senator Lugar’s Announcement


by The Federalist Society
Posted July 22, 2010, 8:16 AM

The Hill's Congress Blog has posted Senator Lindsey Graham's statement from the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing explaining his vote for Elena Kagan and his deference to the executive branch. On NRO Bench Memos, Ed Whelan, responding to Dana Milbank's praise of Sen. Graham in The Washington Post Wednesday, argues that Sen. Graham's position on Kagan is not constitutionally compelled and that Sen. Graham's vote will not influence any votes from Democrats on nominees of Republican Presidents in the future.

Meanwhile, Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana has announced that he will be voting to confirm Kagan, thus becoming the second Republican Senator to announce his approval of the nomination.

For more on the Kagan nomination and the confirmation process, go to SCOTUSreport.com and check out its special feature, the Kagan Vote Tracker, which tracks the Senators who have announced whether or not they will support Kagan's confirmation.




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