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More Written Responses from Kagan Released


by The Federalist Society
Posted July 12, 2010, 10:15 AM

The Senate Judiciary Committee is currently scheduled to consider Solicitor General Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court beginning Tuesday at 10 am. Meanwhile, Kagan's written responses to questions from six Republican Senators were released Friday. According to R. Jeffrey Smith at The Washington Post, the answers "were finely sanded to avoid any clamor." At Politico, Josh Gerstein focuses on Kagan's denouncement in the written responses of the Supreme Court's decision in Korematsu, in which it upheld the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Click here to view Kagan's responses to the questions of the various Senators. 

For coverage of the Kagan nomination and the upcoming confirmation vote, visit our website SCOTUSreport.com and its special feature, the Kagan Vote Tracker, which tracks the Senators who have voiced support or opposition of Kagan's confirmation.




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