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Bill Stuntz’s Passing


by The Federalist Society
Posted March 16, 2011, 11:13 AM

The Federalist Society is sad to report the passing of Bill Stuntz, a Harvard law professor who, based on his views (a strong evangelical Christian who opposed the death penalty, supported the Iraq war, and held views on criminal law and procedure that were entirely his own) could easily have annoyed everyone across the political spectrum, but instead, because of the quality of his work and his generosity of mind and spirit, instead had friends and admirers everywhere. Bill died at 52 after a long bout with cancer.  

See here for a Weekly Standard piece by Erin Sheley describing a Harvard symposium a year ago celebrating his work, and here for the proceedings of the symposium.  Also, see here for "Less than the Least," the blog he coauthored with David Skeel, here for his family's post announcing his passing, and here for Harvard Law School's memorial tribute.





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