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Administration Changes Policy on Deportation


by Publius
Posted August 19, 2011, 1:17 PM

Miriam Jordan reports in The Wall Street Journal that yesterday the Obama Administration announced its plan to review the cases of 300,000 illegal immigrants set for deportation and to grant a large number of them the chance to stay in the country.

Click here to see the announcement of the new policy on The White House Blog.

Under the new policy, administration officials will look at the individual cases of immigrants in deportation proceedings and will give those who have not engaged in criminal activity and are not a problem from the standpoint of public safety an opportunity to remain in the United States and eventually request a work permit.

According to one administration official quoted in the article, the idea is to identify low-risk illegal immigrants who are being deported and "administratively close the case so they no longer clog the system."

While some say that the policy shift will maximize government resources and help grow the economy, opponents say that the change is simply an offer of amnesty to people who are not allowed to be in the U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said in respose to the announcement, "The Obama administration should enforce immigration laws, not look for ways to ignore them."

Click here for the post from the WSJ Law Blog by Nathan Koppel on the new deportation policy. Click here and here for a discussion in the Federalist Society Practice Groups journal Engage on the new immigration laws being passed by states like Arizona cracking down on undocumented aliens.




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